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Referral Information

Our therapy service supports children with significant difficulties in the areas of communication, motor development, feeding, eating and drinking and everyday living skills, in relation to community therapy needs. Click here to explore what skills and conditions our service supports.

The resource section of this website provides strategies and activities to enable those supporting children with additional needs to develop their skills. By using these resources the child’s needs may be met and therefore a referral to Paediatric Therapy Services will not be required.  For that reason some areas of our service will not accept a referral before pre-referral resources have been implemented.

Criteria for Referral

  • Children and young people aged 0-16 or aged 0-19 if they are in full time education.
  • Children registered with a General Practitioner in the Frank Health Surrey area.
  • Children who attend a school in the Frank Health Surrey area who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs may be eligible for therapy, this will need to be in agreement with the Local Education Authority.
  • Children who have a specific and significant Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or Speech and Language Therapy need. This need will be screened by the service as part of the referral process. Not all referrals will be accepted.


  • Other providers include Central Surrey Health, and Acute Hospitals such as The Royal Surrey and White Lodge Centre ( who see children with neurological conditions in the North West Locality).
  • To access parts of our service we do require that pre-referral resources such as the sheets available on this site or the resources packs are implemented before a referral will be accepted.
  • If we receive a referral where provision is met by another service it will either be forwarded or the referral returned. In all cases where a referral is not accepted for assessment, referrers are informed.


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